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By hikernut79
So apparently BGW's 2020 coaster is going to be an Intamin double launch with the switch track like the one announced for Parc Asterix in Europe. This allows for a launch into some tall element that the train doesn't clear on the first try and therefore rolls back and up into a spike. It then descends back down and into a launch that will clear the element the second time through.

After that it looks like there will be a massive high speed drop all the way down to the Rhine river which could be super intense. Overall the ride looks like it could be really cool albeit a little on the short side.
tarheel1231 wrote:It seems as if Fury might get dethroned as the world's tallest non-launched coaster:



I highly doubt it. It will be an intamin launch like the one going to parc asterix. It will have a large drop- maybe over 300 ft, but I doubt that it will beat fury's record. However, I think that Kings Island's probable giga will surpass fury's height.
Finally...everything I (and many others) already knew. I can't wait until the rest of what I may or may not know is announced...lol

Seriously though...
I'm so glad this will be at my home park (one of them that is). It's already an outstanding park and love that things for the company in general are on the up and up.
I'm excited for the disney coasters, since they look to be somewhat more intense. Guardians of the galaxy coaster is some new controlled spinning coaster by vekoma,
and the tron ride, also by vekoma, looks to have an exciting layout!
IOA's new JP coaster looks to be a good one too! I haven't been to IOA yet but i'm excited to see the outcome!
Was referring to the new kid saying the jurassic park coaster looks good but we only have a proposed overhead layout and nothing else to really go off of lol.

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