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Edwardo wrote:When Roller is right, he’s actually right.

Look at the parks without free water parks. They’re all super highly attended parks that bill themselves as destination parks in super high population areas (and Orlando).

Thank you, I was shocked to read your post. I will try harder than I have in the past.
Glitch99 wrote:
KeepPounding9213 wrote:Sorry I just don’t understand why carowinds has no dry water rides in their park

Because Carowinds is one of the few parks with an attached waterpark without a separate gate. The entire waterpark is a "wet" feature within the "dry" park.

I wouldn't go with that particularly. The water park has been there since the 80's. The park has not purposely removed their water rides (with the exception of the flume and that's still questionable) for the sake of removing them or for another attraction. These rides are old and one would think they are costing the park a lot of money to operate. I could see if it was an isolated thing with carowinds but they are disappearing in all chains.
Well I wish intamin and Mack were interested in Cedar Fair when it comes to dry water rides. At the minimum I would want to see 2 water rides come back to the park yes 3 is a bit much my bad. Six Flags is getting the first Mack power splash in the states so I’m not sure if cedar fair will do something similar of their own. Don’t mean to sound repetitive but it’s a little weird one single water ride doesn’t exist in the park. I hope RRR comes back maybe under a different name a clone of mystic river falls at SDC next year would be awesome. A really good themed water coaster/log flume like timber mountain at knotts would be cool. The thing is we haven’t seen any log rides or water coasters at any theme parks in the states for a good while. Rapids rides are the only dry water rides that seem to be still going strong in the U.S Infinity Falls SeaWorld Orlando, Knotts Renovated Raft Ride, Grizzly River Run Disney California Adventure, Mystic River Falls 2020 Silver Dollar City.
KeepPounding9213 wrote:Why do you guys have to say that about me I’m hoping you guys are just joking. I tall enough honestly. Where did that comment come from anyway out of left field?

I meant that you seem young enough that you never had the chance to ride FSS before it was removed in 2008. You might have been old enough to have seen it in the park, but not old/tall enough to ride it.
One main reason Carowinds doesn't have a new wet ride in the dry park is the cost. A new log flume now costs about the same amount as Fury.

It wouldn't surprise me if they add one sometime in the future, but it would be a major investment.
arby wrote:A new log flume now costs about the same amount as Fury.

Very unlikely. How many small parks over the years could have afforded a (adijusted for inflation) $30 million dollar log flume.
Carowinds was built at a costs of $30 million which adijusts to $173,358,783.78

$30 million today adijust to $5,191,545.42.

Thunder Road costed I think it was $1 million in 1975/6, the costs to build a new Thunder Road was $7 million in 2015 as stated by the park. 7 million adijusted is $1,552,396.80 in 1976.

The idea that Log Flume costed more than Thunder Road is silly.

Yes I realize Arrow is out of business.
I am only repeating what a park official told me during the announcement for Copperhead strike when we asked him about if we would ever get a new log flume.

I didn't look into it personally as I'm not currently in the market for a log flume in my back yard. :lol:

Carowinds recently has been focused more on the overall experience, so I'm sure that cost also included theming, etc, for what they were looking for.

So take it for what it's worth, and there is no guarantee that I got 100% accurate information.
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Maybe I am.....
Granted this Log Flume was bought used and originally built in 2001. However adijusted for inflation and converted to current USD. This cost for Maragate to buy the flume is $193,351.98.

Morey’s Piers spent $2.5 million in 1985 on their flume, which today would be $5,961,222.12.

Sorry, at the moment I am having my Jeep serviced for a recall and I have nothing better to do....

However a log flume would fit nicely in the yard with my railroad....
I think a Mack Twist ‘n’ Splash or Zamperla Watermania would be the best addition in terms of budget and space. You can still theme it up, but you won’t be spending a fortune of maintenance or taking up land, and you don’t have to sacrifice capacity either.
I remember FSS had water cannons you could spray at riders, and in turn, riders could spray onlookers. It was similar conceptually, but not the same ride system.

Dollywood also recently removed theirs if that’s the park you’re thinking of.

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