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By IntimidationNation
To be honest I cant remember in what order I rode everything in, but back in '02 or '03 i remember riding hey Arnold taxi chase, scooby doo coaster and thunder road all in my first visit, when I was tall enough to ride stuff. But my first coaster with an inversion wasn't until '08 when i went on a chorus trip and rode afterburner with my brother.
By Lit
I was a REALLY small kid until Junior Year in HS. Visited the park in ‘88 when I was 5 y/o. My dad was living in the Comfort Inn (for work) while me and the rest of the Fam still lived in PA. We thought it was just a regular park.

Anyways, everyone except me and my mom went on White Waterfalls but I was too small so she told me to go watch them come down. The wave knocked me down... that was my first ride. She thought it was hilarious.
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By aoriole19
I have no idea what my first ride was! But I do remember my first visit, and being terrified of Top Gun and Thunder Road (circa 2001)

My first inversion was on Vortex in 2008. That was the year I became an enthusiast and started researching roller coasters lol

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