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By Carowindsman
This is like any other survivor you vote one off One vote per person here is the list and lets see who is a real survivor

Carolina Cyclone
Carolina Goldrusher
Flying Super Saturator
Rugrats Runaway Reptar
Scooby Doo's Ghoster Coaster
Taxi Jam
Thunder Road
Top Gun - The Jet Coaster
Borg Assimilator

My First Vote Goes to Taxi Jam
By hombaca_05
I vote off the Runaway Reptor......that thing sucks!!!!!
By twistytie
Taxi Jam

I forget, how long are the rounds. Is it a period of time, or when a ride gets a certain amount of votes?
By Carowindsman
lets go with every two days then i will tally them up and go on to the next round
By twistytie
If there were more people posting, we could do it by the first coaster to get 3 or 4 votes. But every 2 days works too.
By PoP Eye
I vote off Taxi Jam because that is a living nightmare and i have not road this thing in aloooooonng time!!!!
By Cephas
I vote Reptar, At least Taxi Jam isn't that rough!

Isn't this a pointless topic?
By Carowindsman
no its not pointless it is to see who is a survivor in this park
By Cephas
Why do you people care. You might as well just have a poll for the best coaster in the park.
By PoP Eye
Taxi Jam Sucks
By Trev32
i vote runaway reptar,it's a good coaster IMO but it isn't the best

<off topic>why take out taxi jam? it is like the perfect starter coaster,if you wanna take out kids stuff to be able to make room for somthing like <a href='' target='_blank'>Colosuss</a> then go to cedar point<off topic>
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By montumax
By Trev32
what's wrong with vortex???? everbody says its so rough but when i rode it, I didn't feel any pain whatsoever.
By twistytie
Dude, chillout! It's just a game to see which coaster is the survivor or most ultimate in the park. Don't go ballistic about peoples' choices.
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