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I believe there is a red train but I haven't seen it running at all this year. Perhaps it's on the off year in the rotation like someone mentioned. I also think there was a gold train at one point but it was permanently removed for whatever reason. I seem to remember some story (from the early years site probably) that it was last seen in the field beside thunder road in the 80s.
I don't know about any changes/rebuilds to the layout, I'd love to hear about that if anyone knows the story. Its been so long since I read about the Goldrusher accident but from what I remember one train was on the break run before the station and the other train came flying out of the tunnel. I always thought it was due to a block brake malfunction or something similar.
Do the trains still get stuck often? Back in the 90's I used to ride it a lot (I was skittish about riding the big rides at the time) and the train would get stuck at the top of the second lift hill very often (once every 3 or 4 times I rode it). We even got stuck at the top of the first hill once. I'm not sure what was going on or what the problem was, but a guy would walk out, hit a lever or something and on you'd go.
Some people called this gold. Looks more like a rust color. The last time I saw these trains they were lying on their side under Thunder Road. I think that was in the late 90's. The Goldrusher also had yellow trains too.

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