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Largest water park expansion in Carowinds history. Will top Emerald Pointe to become the largest water park in North and South Carolina.

  • Blackbeard's Revenge, a 6 story waterslide complex (3 attractions, 6 slides)
  • Seaside Splash Works, a 2 acre family play area with over 80 play elements, 6 slides, and a 423 gallon tipping bucket
  • Myrtle Turtle Beach and Kiddy Hawk Cove, two children's water play areas
  • Surf Club Harbor, a 27,000 new wave pool with 12 water geysers at the entrance
  • New entrance
  • Harbor House, a new restaurant with two 2,400 square-foot outdoor patios
  • Schooners, a full-service bar
  • 5 sand volleyball courts
  • 40 new cabanas
  • New bathhouse
Also new in 2016:
  • "Cirque Imagine" show in the Carolina Theater
  • 3,000 square foot Starbucks with seating for 100 near main entrance
  • Another announcement is coming in October, teaser video suggested a "Plants vs. Zombies" theme

While I don't know if I will ever use the water park, I think it needs to be expanded and thing this is a good announcement for the park. I am interested in seeing that Cirque show. Starbucks are everywhere these days so it's about time Carowinds had one.

I wonder what the October announcement will be?
Legoguy1395 wrote:The Periscope stream deducted almost immediately that the music and the "brainssss" comes from Plants vs. Zombies. I think we just found out the theme for a new shooting dark ride? Interesting concept.

Edit: Ninja'd. ^

Idk but I'm beyond disappointed right now......... Can't believe thunder road is gone for that. Edit and I know this isn't all the space... The rides look underwhelming to me.
RollerBee wrote:Emerald Pointe will still be better.

I know. That walk the plank thing needed to be like a large straight down slide.
And why why WHY in the world is it necessary to wait till October for that other thing? The slide complex was literally the only thing interesting shown. :evil:
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Jetp wrote:As they say...Rome wasn't built in a day. From the drawings, it looks like there's still land to expand Carolina Harbor more in a few years.

Oh really how exciting!!! :sarcasm:

They needed to show us something really special this year to make up for thunder road being gone. So far they failed on every account IMO .
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I swear you cant please everybody. Smh. I dont know why peaople expect to get some high thrill ride every year when there are multi demographics to address in the park. Everybody are not thrill junkies a park gets a high thrill ride one year more than likely the next year would be a kids or waterpark expansion. In this case waterpark that stretches to all demographics from infants to seniors. Great job Carowinds. Who said that they were replacing Thunder Road next year? Not a soul. Maybe in 2017 or 2018. Chill. Dont like dont come. Simple. :roll: :wave:

Am I the only one excited about the Harbor House Restaurant? Lol Got my meal plan I'm ready. Seafood freak here.

Cant wait for October now.

I wonder where near the front gate is this nice Starbucks going to be. What building is leaving? Are they slowly going ot phase out the Deco style buildings? Ugh so many question. I'm so geeked. lol
I guess people in this thread complaining don't want the park to spend a little money on something that is proven to make the park a lot of money so that they can continue to add new stuff. Don't go to the park if you're that unhappy.
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