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Screamscape wrote:2018 - Skyscraper at the SKYPLEX - Confirmed - (7/29/15) I got to admit, I'm a bit disappointing right now... as I so wanted to see the Skyplex / Skyscraper coaster project succeed, amid a sea of nay-sayers. I haven't see the press release myself yet, but Behind the Thrills has just announced that despite all the early plans and references to the Skyscraper coaster being from S&S Worldwide, US Thrillrides has now backtracked in a big way and announced that the coaster ride system will be coming from Intamin instead.
What really bothers me is that those TPRers only got excited once it was announced Intamin would be doing the ride system. I really don't want to bring that site up here but I just need to vent for a second. The ride was designed by Ride Centerline, the same people who have designed all of the RMCs and Lightning Run, and they weren't excited until they learned INTAMIN would be MANUFACTURING the ride. The coaster was already incredible but all of a sudden Intamin shows up on the scene and they lose their crap. I really don't get it. And if anything, Intamin could hurt the project more than they could help it. I could understand being happy that it could start the resurgence of Intamin coasters but going from not thinking the ride would be amazing to drooling over it simply because the track type has changed is absolutely ridiculous. :thumbdown:
These people are delusional if they think Universal is at all worried about them as competition. I mean, Universal didn't raise a stink when Fun Spot expanded and added the worlds largest SkyCoaster and they are literally across the road from them.
If it is, in fact, the people who are creating this project that made this petition then I don't understand how they expect to be taken serious! So many run on sentences, grammar mistakes . . . its down right embarrassing!

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