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FamousAmos wrote:Okay.
I held the ctrl button down, clicked one piece, then tried to click another, and it wouldn't let me select more than one. It would diselect the previous piece.

Were you in EDIT mode?

There are a few rules and limitations. I'll try to explain while not writing a book. :)

If you are wanting to duplicate pieces of a building you must select that building then enter the edit mode first (press R or click the Edit button). Then and only then can you hold down CTRL and select several pieces with the mouse. You need to hold down the CTRL key until you've selected all pieces you want.

Now, if ANY of the pieces you've selected are "Grid" pieces you can only use CTRL-D to duplicate. Once you've duplicated them you can rotate them by pressing Z, raise and lower by pressing Shift and using the mouse. You will need to "free" place the pieces. You can also use the CTRL key once duplicated and you get the Red and Blue arrows to move forward, reverse, left and right.

If the pieces you've selected are NOT grid pieces then you can use the CTRL-D or the CTRL-X feature to either duplicate as above or duplicate with the AXES menu. Only non grid pieces can be rotated in any direction you want.

Seeing how all of my builds use a combination of Grid, Non-Grid and Scenery pieces it can get a little frustrating in duplicating but it sure does save a lot of time once you get the hang of it.

In Steam you can "watch" others play or chat so hit me up when I'm playing and I'll try to help. Keep in mind you are probably a much better builder than I am.

For anyone who wants it my Steam name is: MDAVIS28
Ahh, okay. Unfortunately, the station is not a building as it is comprised of almost entirely scenery pieces. The only building pieces are the floors. Since it is not a building, I can't place the pieces or copy them as if I'm editing a building. I tried and tried 10 times to get it to work but I couldn't get it. I could probably highlight everything, make it a building, then edit and duplicate that way. That might work.
Tosu97 wrote:I was a rct3 addict back in the day. Can anyone tell me if one of my computers can run it? I asked on the planet coaster forums but received absolutely no help over there.

My laptop:
Windows 10 64-big
Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500
i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz

You *should* be able to run it but it may be a bit slow for you. According to this, the minimum requirements are:
OS: Win7 or above
Proc: Quad core CPU
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVidia GTX 260/ATI 4870 HD

Since you only have a dual core CPU and the GTX 260 is benchmarked at about 18% faster than the Intel HD 5500, rendering and any complex compilations will be slower.

I did install it on my computer without issue although I don't have the time to play with it:

OS: Win 10
Proc: i5 Quad Core
Memory: 8 GB
Video: NVIDIA GTX 740/Intel HD 4600

You will note that my NVidia, the card I use for my three primary monitors is clocked about 84% faster than the HD 5500. The Intel HD 4600 is used for my fourth monitor. Just for reference, it benchmarks about 8% higher than the HD 5500 although that is probably a moot point here since I don't display anything on that monitor that requires any intense video processing.
Thanks guys for your thoughts on if I can run PC. Your answers seem a lot more optimistic than the answer I finally got from the PC board. They said I had no shot. I guess it just comes down to a gamble really.

Maybe I'll pull the trigger and hope future updates make it easier to run.
I'm sorry, but the way that his Fury looks disgusts me. I mean, I can see that he really tried and you can tell that it's Fury, but. I dunno. You're right in that it's definitely not spot on. I won't be working on Fury again for a while (at least until March, when I'm not busy working on the Burrow).

Never ask me for an honest opinion cause' I'll give you one :mrgreen: :lol:
A few days ago, I finished completely re-constructing the lift hill and first drop. The angle of incline is correct (40 degrees) and the max angle of descent is 81 degrees. You may think that the pull out is 1/3 of the way down, but it's actually about halfway down the drop. the only way I was able to get it right was by tracing a photo of the lift hill, then building the coaster behind it; stare at the pov, and get the descent right. It's as accurate as it can possibly be at this point.
I made the queue line entry sign this afternoon.
Planet Coaster's Free Spring Update Brings Crime, New Rides, And More
Among the new attractions are three new rollercoasters, including the game's first suspended swinging coaster and two new shuttle coasters. There's also a go-kart ride, which allows you to create your own tracks, and three new flatrides. Crime and security: Dissatisfied guests may vandalize park scenery, and pickpockets will infiltrate your park to steal other guests' cash. Keep your law-abiding guests safe with security staff and CCTV cameras. :shock:


Well, I've been having fun with Planet Coaster. The last 2 weeks I've started a park with the intent on making everything as customized as possible. A little creativity goes a long way. I still have a lot of decorating to do and I only have about 25% of the park built. I've built 4 custom coasters and themed around 3 of them.

With that said I thought I'd share some screenshots if anyone is interested. Here is a link to my OneDrive https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtlHqTe1z5vQkoNd65NywXjQ6EBhxQ

Enjoy. I might scale them back so I can post a few here. They are quite big as my monitor is 3440x1440 res.
Are you going to attempt custom coaster supports as well? I'm trying to for Fury. You'll just have to ignore the small gap between that and the track. :lol: After this I want to try some sort of custom park. Not sure what to do yet though. Nice work!
FamousAmos wrote:Are you going to attempt custom coaster supports as well? I'm trying to for Fury. You'll just have to ignore the small gap between that and the track. :lol: After this I want to try some sort of custom park. Not sure what to do yet though. Nice work!

I am playing around with that a bit. I am more concentrated on the Monorail supports that go through the Western Section. They stand out and I want them to blend in better. Thanks
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