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By fmuman85
I would love to go to C3 but I am not an ACE member.

Alan from Whootah and here told me to ask and see if anyone would be willing to host? If not thats cool.

Thanks guys!
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By coasterbruh
i would since my guest isnt going w/ me anymore but isnt it a little too late...
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By AMartin777
FMUMAN, the only thing I can suggest is that you send an e-mail to Robert Ulrich (ACE Southeast Representative) ASAP asking if you can get in past the August 4th deadline... nothing is guaranteed though and I'm sure he gets those kind of e-mails alot so don't be surprised or upset if he is not able to bend the deadline. :(

Sorry, in our conversation I wasn't thinking about the fact that yesterday was the deadline. :huh: I sent mine in on Saturday. :rolleyes:
By fmuman85
Its all gravy!

Ill just go to another event....PKD awaits me anyway!
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By coasterbruh
hey man dont give up. I will still ask robert you never know unless you ask!

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