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By Carowindsman
If only we had winterfest for 2003 or earlier they could have decorated our beloved queen so i decided to do it myself in photoshop. Enjoy

<a href='' target='_blank'>Image</a>
By carowindsfreak13
Man, That looks so real. Nice job Carowindsman.
By coasterholic14
man, now i really miss it *blows nose in a tissue* :P
By Dukeis#1
I was thinking about this when they announced Winterfest the other day. It would have been beautiful to see the boat floating around decorated with lights and everything.

Oh well, too bad.
By CoasterChris
Awsome pic, Brings tear to my eyes.
By dukefanswimmer89
she's not totally dead....

cephas and i've seen the smokestacks sitting in the storage yard behind cyclone.. maybe one of those storage areas also holds the rest of her...

the riverqueen would be a good addition to the winterfest... but otherwise im not too sorry to see her gone....
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By montumax
I bet RollerNut had to be sedated when he saw that picture.
By MuffBalls
CoasterChris wrote: Awsome pic, Brings tear to my eyes.

I love you. I have tears too. For you my dear, for you
By RollerBee
Yeah, I had to be. :lol: I just it, and I have this to say:

"The Queen is only a memory now, but this shows how much of a value the Queen could be if only Carowinds Park Management would use their brains, instead just throwing things together." "SCarowinds could be so much better if they didn't half-ass do the job, I hope Winterfest doesn't turn out like SCarowinds has in the past two years."
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By coasterbruh
Now is that an official quote, and if it is would you mind stating it to the paramount's carowinds management staff as well as the vp's of paramount parks. If so I will let you borrow one of my old easter suite and make this an official event...or more like the banning of rottennuts from paramount parks... ;)

Maybe you and coasterchris can go wipe the tears from each others eyes and get over it in the process...

I would pay just to see you run the park for a month, no a week just to see how much you suck at such an "easy" job right, because its a piece of cake running a park right... <_<

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