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By Mike Dustin
Some of you may be upset over this.

Cedar Fair has decided that the Flyers do not belong in a kid's ride area, and they will be returned to Kings Island for 2007. They will likely be installed on the former Flight Commander pad in Coney Mall, with the secondary location being next to the Carousel in what is now the Paramount Story.

Remember red, white, and blue forever, you can't soar alone.
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By bgwfreak

And your proof is what?

Go back to PKI and leave us alone to ride our flyers. :P
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By coasterbruh
Hey mike you forgot the part of that news that states that in return carowinds will be getting delirium AND the beast as a peace offering...

The beast is going on the camp ground and will be enclosed in tunnels to mask the sound...
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By Jonathan
Troll troll troll your boat gently down the stream...

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