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By chad_owens3
Hi, my name is Charles Owens and I went to Carowinds with my girlfriend, Renee', on Saturday, April 21st, 2007. We arrived at the park at around 12 noon, and were greeted by angry, disrespectful motorists trying to exit the parking lot....but 10 minutes later we were parked near the south gate and well on our way in to the park. Renee' had a season pass that she needed to be made into the hard copy card, so they did that for her right at the front gate. I bought a regular ticket, with the intention to upgrade to a season pass when we made our way to the north gate...eventually.
The first thing we did as soon as we walked in was go straight for top gun, since we thought it would be a good first start for the day...and we were right, we had to wait in like for about 4 to 5 minutes at most, then got on.....rode it......and had more fun on that one ride than in the whole prior week. As soon as we got off, we made a restroom stop, and in the mens bathroom were.....not to my surprise....a few employees loafing around, out of view of any cameras or higher level employees, just talking. The bathroom floor was soaking wet, like walking in a puddle....not sure if it was urine or water, but I really didn't want to find out...I expected the worst, considering there was no wet floor sign to warn me before I stepped in the that sea of mysterious liquids. We reunited outside of the restrooms and made our way to the Frenz....wait, "Southern Star" (which has nothing to do with the south at all....) and as I had expected, it was having mechanical problems...some harnesses were not releasing, but it was quickly resolved, and before we knew it, we were upside down, with the blood rushing to our was great. I missed it when they removed it. We were getting hungry, so we broke out the "extremely flimsy and easy to tear by just holding it" park map, and located a Chic-fila, which we thought was a good idea, since I can't take greasy food. We had a plan to work our way towards it, by riding most of the rides on the way down to it. So next on our list was Thunder Road.....oh how I love Thunder road....I think it is the most re-rideable coaster with as much thrill as the first ride, each time you ride. Okay, this is taking too, we went in the Action FX theatre for spongebob....which gets really old after the first view btw...then to the Carolina Cyclone. A longer line than the other 2 coasters so far, but it was fun none the less. I blacked out temporarily on the first loop....haha, due to eating nothing all day, and then walking around for a long time. So as soon as we got off, I told Renee' that we had to eat. So we made our way to Chic-fila. There was a 10 minute wait in line, and no tables to sit at. They have 4 items on the menu. For two 8-pack chicken nuggets, and fries, and one large came to $19.....rediculous, we are NEVER buying food in the park again. It wasn't even fresh, and the employees were very uncaring. After our lunch, at a table at a completely different restaurant...we went to ride Rip Roaring Rapids.....and had a 50 minute wait. The cool water felt good though.
We then went to the Scrambl...oops, Kaliedescope, and had a 10 minute wait, bumper cars was a short wait though. We went on the Scream Weaver, which made our stomaches feel very odd afterward. We then decided to ride the hurler, and had a 20 minute wait, and an employee who was checking the lap-bars to have to hold his pants up while doing it, even though he had a belt. Then we went to the north gate to get my season pass stuff done, and it was fairly quick and easy.....but there was a line, and employees standing at the computers doing nothing.
Thunder road was next, again, we rode it forward and backwards each, two times. We love that ride. Top gun had another 10 minute wait, but wasn't that bad. I thought we would ride the Southern Star again, was broken down....go figure. New rides always do that, you would think that they would test them more....anyways....on to the next ride. We wanted to ride the Vortex, but they had a line all the way out to the entrance of the queue, so we turned towards the borg, but also had a 45 plus minute wait. So we turned to top gun, but it had a 25 minute wait for the front car.....which we wanted to very badly, but didn't get to. We ended up leaving at 7:15ish. All in all it was a good day at Carowinds. I can't wait until the waterpark opens up. I had an independent shirt on, maybe you saw me, Renee' had a black Perfect Circle t-shirt on, with jeans, and we were most likely holding hands or goofing off. Thanks for reading, if you have any comments, please do.......comment.
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By Chris
Did you see me? I was in a garnet FSU Polo shirt with garnet FSU shorts and a white FSU hat.

If your girlfriend looks over 18, then I might have seen her as I was looking at all the ladies (the ones that looked old enough, that is). :D
By chad_owens3
I think I might have seen you lol, there were so many people there though.
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By montumax
And did the Hurler crew still have DPS? Enquiring minds want to know....
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By Chris
swampfox43 wrote:Does anybody ride Ricochet or Goldrusher anymore?
They are so often left out of TR's.
I'm not a big fan of Ricochet. I'll ride it if there is no line. I still love Goldrusher and did ride it. Still a classic...

montumax wrote: And did the Hurler crew still have DPS?  Enquiring minds want to know....
Yes and no. The pants were sagging quite a bit, yet the shirt was tucked in so you couldn't see any undergarments. Thank God...
It was the same guy from the picture someone posted here.
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By kewlaidkiddd
we were there too... came rather late in the day an rode Top Gun and Thunerroa... everything else was too busy as we figure on a bwarm day....thank goodness for season passes.

I woul have been wearing a miller light hat... the hubby has a claw coming from his labret(sp).

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