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By Jonathan
The other forums are gone, obviously, due to numerous problems. The new forums are currently in a creation and testing phase, so this is not final. I will be modifying the look and feel of the boards gradually, but I figured you guys would like it if I went ahead and opened it to posting while I'm working on it. If you notice any missing images or errors, please post the exact details here so I can sort them out. Thanks.
By Parker Day
You might already know, but there is an error when trying to change information in your profile, for example this error happened when trying to go to "My Controls":

Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: skin_ucp in d:\gearhost\hostingaccounts\starcoasters\www\carowinds\community\sources\functions.php on line 571

Hope this is of some help. :)
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By Jonathan
Yeah I noticed that one trying to figure out what's going on with that. Thanks.
By LocoDriver
Glad your back on line with the forums. I was starting to have withdraws :)
By johnboy11213
Yeah I'm glad they are back, plus I like these better.
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By Jonathan
Yeah once I start working on it it should look pretty good.
By The Anomaly
One of the recent posts containing a poll would not let me reply. There is no reply button. When I tried to quote, I was not allowed to even do that.
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By Jonathan
One of the options in creating a poll is to set it so that no one can reply, only vote. I'd suggest that people not do that though. Anyway, I finally found the problem with the control panel and corrected that as well as the missing emoticon. I'm starting to work on a design for the boards as well.
By The Anomaly
By CarowindsZone
Are you going to bring back the ranks?

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