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By kDfReAk
Hey Guys, wanted to show you some pics I took this past weekend from my home park (KD) Dominator is coming together slowly but surly. ENJOY!!
Spotted right next to Scooby-Doo.
KD%204-5-08%20365.JPG (65.2 KiB) Viewed 2893 times
KD%204-5-08%20338.JPG (37.58 KiB) Viewed 2891 times
Overview from Eiffel Tower.
KD%204-5-08%20347.JPG (63.19 KiB) Viewed 2892 times
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By bgwfreak
Let me be the first to say... Ewww!

Those colors look like crap.

It's still a great coaster and I'll be glad to ride it again in June.
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By Jay
I hate.. absolutely everything about this coaster.

The colors are rather boring, and the name is even duller. The ride flat out sucked at Geauga Lake and isn't going to get better with a change of scenery. The thing that annoys me most though is the placement RIGHT next to Nick Central/Kidzville.

Actually there is one thing I like about it... the fact that it didn't come to Carowinds. :roll:
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By bgwfreak
The orange reminds me of that orange paint they use to mark cable and phone wires below ground. :lol:

Half of it is painted and half isn't. I don't get it. Surely they aren't going to paint it after it's put up? :|
By kDfReAk
They are re painting all the tracks orange, so they are in process with that. I know it looks crazy right now, but the final resuls will look really nice. The color scheme will be orange and blue. They are keeping the loop yellow, I guess to initial the largest verticle loop.
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By coasterdave
Not to step on people's toes but so be it. You have to recall that the only people that know this is a relocated coaster is us coaster nerds. To the GP is brand new coaster for them to take a spin on and something they will see as they turn into the park. So what it is relocated.

Now for the auction part of the post. There is NOTHING wrong with the park doing this. Again I though I was on Red Dot City reading post till I recalled I was IP Banned from that site. But they will find 32 people that will bid on the first public ride at KD. I have done this type of auction a number of times (Tomb Raider, Voyage, and most recently Led Zep) and the main goal is to raise money of the charity that the park has picked. And maybe it is just me but dammit I am all into helping out kids and you get to take a ride on a coaster for an added bonus. That is how I look at it myself but maybe I am crazy or something.

I know some of you think this is crazy and I even think a former member of the site said he would give about 3 bucks to ride a Coaster for the first time but he is off playing in the seaven seas. And on a side note, sorry but my house has not burned down yet 73 so do not get that excited just yet.
By chargercrazy
I'm all for giving the proceeds to charity. I just found it kind of odd -- most of the time this auctioning off the first ride business is done for new rides. I have no doubt that folks will pay the money.

The thing that gets me is that being the first to ride something only matters to the enthusiasts.

How cool would it be to have a shirt that says "I was the first to ride Dominator at its new location at Kings Dominion!!!"
By kDfReAk
Media Day was on as planned. It turned out to be a beautiful day for Dominator. The forecast was kind of cloudy in the A.M, but the sun eventually came out. No rain at all. Dominator is amazing, rode it a total of 20 times. I'm glad that Cedar Fair/Kings Dominion choose this addition for the park, it's really going to bring LIGHT to KD.

Kd%27s%20Media%20Day%20352.JPG (149.31 KiB) Viewed 2715 times
Kd%27s%20Media%20Day%20360.JPG (114.08 KiB) Viewed 2715 times
Kd%27s%20Media%20Day%20359.JPG (190.36 KiB) Viewed 2713 times
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By alecscrews
I have a question!
How do you get on floorless coasters??
I always wondered if you have any pictures or videos please post!

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