General Carowinds discussion
By pcw10
These are just some rumored names I heard.
By CarowindsZone
They said it wasn't going to be Stealth, but they may of changed their minds.
By Trev32
maybe they did,but if they didn't i still think timeline :)
By coaster lover
Carowinds should add a hyper coaster and name it Misson: Impossible. That would be so cool!

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By Trev32
just asking jonathan,what did he do wrong?
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By Jonathan
He added about 200 exclamation points to the end of his sentence so that it made the page stretch to about 2000 pixels.
By Sw33tGirl
Tomb Raider would be soooooo awesome!
By twistytie
Ok guys, I don't know if this is good or bad news for our Tomb Raider name, but PCW got a Zamperla Flyer, right? I know it may not be very reliable, but Screamscape is throwing Lara Croft: The Ride out as a choice for the name of it. Screamscape isn't necessarily all that reliable, but I thought since nobody said it here, at least from what I've seen, that I'd inform. I personally like the Tomb Raider theme, and think it'd be the best idea for the new island centerpiece at the park.
By Trev32
i STRONGLY doubt it will be tomb raider
By Top Gun
Well I don't know. I'm guessing Tomb Raider. Now Airplane: The Ride. Now thats plain wierd. Considering what a silly movie Airplane was. :P
By Guerilla Unit
The Carolina Stealth
By Trev32
they said it wasn't gonna be somthin w/ stealth
By Guerilla Unit
Who's "They"?
By ghettopastries
I am still thinking Star Trek/Borg Invasion or Tomb Raider. Paramount Canada's Wonderland's Zamperla Flyer is going to be named and themed after Tomb Raider and the theming is suppose to be very good - atleast that is whats floating around. It looks like the parks may be heading in the movie theme direction. :D
By Guerilla Unit
Yeah I think it's Tomb Raider now. SIKE

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