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By Coaster_Crazy09
Hi my name is Bryon I am currently in the middle of a carowinds recreation. I have a few pics of what I got so far. Carowinds was my home park for years but now I live in Hawaii, Its been a few years since I've been. I was wondering if anyone can help me with the North entrance to the front of the park, and the area where borg and the back end of vortex is. If you can help with a picture or pictures that would be great! Thanks

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By Coaster_Crazy09
Haha thanks a lot. I know what you mean my computer gives me problems with it sometimes. I am going to create the whole park. Other people have made recreations but they are not so good. When Im finished I will share the file.

Ok so... Here is my recreation of Carolina Cyclone, the plantation building and Carolina Cobra, Cobra is not finished yet!

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By Coaster_Crazy09
Plantation House and Carolina Cobra

Shot0024.jpg (29.24 KiB) Viewed 2678 times

If anyone has pictures of the park buildings landscaping coasters please share. Thanks!
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By Coaster_Crazy09
Thanks guys! As for Cobra it isnt finished yet. I still have a lot of landscaping to do and a few buildings that were build for it. I have never seen Cobra so if anyone has good pics of it from different angles please share.
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By Davidtmp
check, and click on New for 2009 and it'll take you to the Cobra page. check the photo link on there and see if there is anything you can use.
By Whitesoxsfan21
This is pretty accreate so far. The only thing I see is that the corkscrews on CC are a little to high off the ground . They are a little lower to the path .

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