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By Jambo
Pictures you don't see every day. Enjoy!!

Just so you know i had full permission to take these photos. All rides were locked out for safety.
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By RiDeWaRrIoR
Thats freakin sweet! I havent seen you over at sky tower lately, think they would let you get a picture while you were on the top of the tower (outside of course)? How did you talk them into letting you do this? now you just need to get in hurlers curve.. and somehwere on vortex... then that would be almost every coaster..
By Jambo
We were out cleaning the park durring the weekdays when it was just open weekends. I basically just jumped up and told them to take my picture. They never said no so i figured if they were going to let me i'll try every coasters. It was just ment to be Nighthawk & Intimidator.
By Jambo
Yes it was. Vortex is so dirty i almost didn't want to sit on it. I had rust on my pants from the rails. I'm glad it's getting painted next year and new colors is always good!

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