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By Carowindsman
I know its early but lots of parks already have plans a few years down the road, So i figure lets go on ahead and begin a speculation thread for 2013.


So here is the facts ever since Cedar Fair has come I feel they have done a awesome job and will continue to at Carowinds.

For 2013 I have a couple hunches of what can happen.

1.Dinosaurs Alive-This is kind of my biggest theory considering a bunch of other parks are starting to get them and Carowinds just recently purchased all that land so it could happen.

2.Flat ride in the flat spot in front of Intimidator- We all know Carowinds is not the best when it comes to flat rides but we have a decent selection for what the park is.

3.Roller Coaster- This could be something in the making because we all loves coasters but I dont see it being a big type of coaster I see more of a Family Coaster


4.Great Wolf Lodge South- Yes we have it in Concord but maybe we have a Great Wolf Lodge South in the acreage of land that we have. Heck it doesnt even have to be Great Wolf Lodge but a nice resort or lodge in that area I think would be cool.

Like I said it is just Speculation, So dont go craptastic on me everybody has there own views of things and this is what I see
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By Jay
I was about to close saying "too soon," but a simple name change of the topic.. and it's all good.

Have at it kids.

My Wishlist-

Remove Nighthawk
Remove Carolina Cobra
Remove Action F/X Theater
Remove Yo-Yo for a real Waveswinger. Maybe we can get Whirling Dirvish back after Great America closes. :roll:

Bring back the shade roof to Skytower
Bring back the shade roof to Scrambler
Run Great Sk8 or whatever its called at a decent speed, and add shade

Enclose the Outer Hanks seating area and add A/C.

Might post more later.
By Picklesthedrummer
My wish list
Remove Hurler and add a GCI woodie (not likely to happen in same year)
New show in action theater
B&M Wingrider or floorless (if they even make floorless anymore)

Obviously not realistic of all these happening in the same year so more so a several year plan for Carowinds wishlist.
By RollerBee
Remove no coasters Cobra is the 3rd favorite, a giant frisbee, a water ride for the whole family, add more shows, new coaster, Winterfest, Wave.Swinger, top spin, screaming swing and oh yes a 36" railroad.
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By drpeppuh93
Don't remove any of the coasters. None of them are bad enough for that. Even if we don't ride them, the general public still does...
-Remove Action Theater (It's the perfect corner for a nice flat)
-Add flat in front of Intimidator
(Huss GF/Screamin' Swing for either of theses spots)
-GCI Woodie
-Something launched (a TTD/Kingda KA would be nice, but i know thats probably never gonna happen)
-B&M Floorless
-Intamin Twister (Maverick-ish)
-Shoot the rapids kind of ride
-Intamin Giga with more twists and turns than hills (MF/i305 as opposed to Leviathan)

Keep in mind the thread is called "Wish" list. I know this is a little far fetched, but it doesn't mean i can't dream...
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By Picklesthedrummer
^ If they added all of these to Carowinds I think it would be the best park lol. Like you said, not likely for most of those things in that list.
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By arby
I'm not sure they need to remove anything. We have a decent mix and plenty of room so I'd hate to see things go away . I do think that some of the rides (like JamminJ pointed out) could use some queue line shade.

We're seriously lacking a water flume type ride.
We need 1/2 a dozen more flat rides.
Thunder Road needs new trains.
Cable TV at the campground.
A ride that goes from one section of the park to another with stations at both ends. (Train, cable car, monorail, shuttle, whatever...) That will be more helpful as the park is expanded.

And the obvious, I'd like to see a new coaster in the next few years, preferably something that isn't at SFoG or Dollywood. I make it to both of those parks at least once a year, now, so it'd be nice to have something different.

Neither of those parks has a B&M Giga! :wink: There are other choices that are less expensive.
How about a Dinosaurs Alive themed section with rides?
a launched Coaster, Maxair ,and a childrens play area.

Wishful thinking, but it would be nice. :?
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By drpeppuh93
i doubt they would put rides in a dinosaurs alive, especially since it costs extra to get into...
plus i don't really want to see dinosaurs alive come to carowinds, i'd rather have the money (and land) put towards something more exciting
By Picklesthedrummer
I have to say I would be more bummed out if we get something like Kings Island's Fast Lane than if we got a Dinosaur Alive. Don't like the extra pay jump in line systems. Slows down the lines for everyone else so badly.
By chunkyskunk
For me I would have to say, no coaster removal, period.

As for Cobra, I was not happy at first then rather happy when we got the new trains. It is compact and adds to the coaster count plus the general population rides it even though many of us may not.

As for Nighthawk, I cannot stand the rattle trap but it is about the most beautiful ride in the park, especially with the new colors from a couple of years ago. It is popular, adds to the coaster count plus it gives us a different style coaster. Does need maybe new wheels maybe? Would that help out?

As for Hurler, give us some new trains maybe? If I ride in the front car, I have always enjoyed the ride. $100 would not be enough for me to ride the back car on that thing or any other wooden coaster. I am over 40 though:)

New trains for Vortex. Stand up to keep the same style but maybe some floorless trains? New trains made a huge difference for Cobra so I would think it would help Vortex.

My wish list would be:
Intamin Launcher
GCI twister woody
B&M floorless dive machine
Mack custom Super Splash water coaster
Mack Youngstar family coaster
Pilgrim's Plunge ride
New show to replace Spongebob
See thru sun shade on Sky Tower
More ponds/water with high powered fountains in our new park addition SE of Thunder Road in the south lot.
Another high thrill flat ride.
Not gonna happen but being a ride traditionalist I would love to see the return of the monorail, chair lifts and large train.
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By Jay
I'm not saying remove things without putting other things in their place. Is it so bad to want a reliable, high capacity ride, that is actually fun to ride more than once a year? I don't care what 'normal' people want, they'll ride just about anything that is placed in front of them. Its been over 2 years since I've been on either Nighthawk or Cobra. Meanwhile I've been on Intimidator around 80 or so times in that span.

In Cobras spot could be any number of things like a large flat ride, or one of those Splash Battle type rides like Dollywood has.

I've been on lots of flying coasters and I don't think any of them really do it correctly yet. A perfect flyer to me would have lots of close to the ground action, lots of tunnels, and interaction with the surrounding terrain. The former island on which Nighthawk sits could have done this quite nicely. So I say, tear down Nighthawk! TAER IT DOWN! :twisted:

This is a "wishlist" thread not a "reasonable things that could happen" thread. Lets hear some craziness. :lol:
By chunkyskunk
I love your last line. Very true. OK, here we go then. The south entrance is moved slightly out more. To the west of it is a new path leading over a bridge into a new section of the park. This new section is on an island of a large long oval moat. It extends from near the south gate all the way westward to about halfway thru Thunder Road. The large oval island would be about 1400' by about 400'. Another entrance to this island would have to be under Thunder Road into Boomerang Bay. In the center of the moat water oval would be water jets shooting water in a sequence around the moat which would he lite up at night. The southern most end of this water moat would be very close to Carowinds Blvd which would look pretty cool from the road. On the island would be the station and part of a new B&M floorless Dive Machine or maybe a Intamin launcher. (Our new GCI would need to go else where in the park) The rest of the coaster would leave the moat on the SE corner and ride parallel to Carowinds Blvd in the grassy area toward the park entrance and return. Also on this island would be a new flat ride, a bathroom, a new restaurant and tons of benches along the water edge to watch the show.
By Jetp
Add more classic rides like a ferris wheel and add a train that goes around the entire park.

Add another water ride...shoot the rapids, for example.

Add a drop coaster like Gryphon at BG.

Add local food franchises...maybe a Salsaritas or Phat Burrito, a Penguin,

add another sit down restaurant with a/c.

Replace Hurler with a better woodie like Thunderhead
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