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By ECS Dave
Hi people!

I know the 2012 season has yet to officially start, but I wanted to know if any of y'all can
help me out with a couple of quick questions, please.

1st. Is there a Gold Season Pass discount promo code active, and available somewhere?
(I hope asking that isn't a TOU violation!)

2nd. Based on your knowledge as to what's there (and/or was there) which are the bet "thrill" rides to ride?
(I know it is subjective, but thought why not ask.)

3rd. You can still leave the park, and return on the same day, correct?


Be Well!
ECS Dave
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By coasterfreak
Hey!! Great to have you on board.

1. There is one that I'm aware of. As a matter of fact, I don't think there's ever been one.

2. For all your dizzying, upside down thrills, Afterburn is the best! For sheer intense, fast, freefalling fun, you'll wanna go for Intimidator. Other highlights include the unique, flying experience, Nighthawk. and classic Thunder Road.

3. Yes, for Carowinds,but not for Scarowinds.

Hope this helps!!!
Dave, I would recommend you get to Carowinds at opening so you can hit up Nighthawk first, eliminating the long line that quickly develops. Other than Nighthawk, nothing develops that long of a wait. Lets hope Windseeker is that way too!
By ECS Dave
Thanks for the replies!

Hope to see a couple of more too...

Has anyone yet to "map" out a coaster route in the park?
Like a start here with one, then this one, then that one, back to this one, onto that one, etc...

It has been too long since I last visited the park, so I know things will have changed some... ;)

Be Well!
ECS Dave
For a coaster route I would definitely make sure to get there right as they open and go straight to Nighthawk. That line gets really long really fast. If you want to ride Vortex, I'd go there right after Nighthawk because the slow loading/unloading makes for a long wait later in the day. From there if you walk the park counterclockwise pretty much all the other lines aren't that bad. Then by the time you've ridden everything and get back to Intimidator, it should be close to a walk on.

That's my personal favorite way of doing it but I'm sure other people have their own routes.
I usually start with Nighthawk, then head to Afterburn. Afterburn should be a walk on that early in the day. I then do a clockwise motion around the park. Then saving the best for last, Intimidator. Intimidator should have little line, in fact on non-Satudays, you can ride it into the double digits if you wish to (My record is 22 times in one day, and I did ride all of the other coasters too) Oh and when in Planet Snoopy, make sure to hit up Flying Ace Arial Chase. That is always one of the must does for a trip.
Picklesthedrummer wrote: Oh and when in Planet Snoopy, make sure to hit up Flying Ace Arial Chase. That is always one of the must does for a trip.

I did so mention Flyers!!!
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By arby
You mentioned the Vekoma inverted coaster and not the flying skooters (Woodstock Gliders) that are arguably the best non-coaster ride in the park.

They are so well loved that I can't go anywhere near Kings Island without people from that area telling me they'd do anything to get that ride back.
Oh opps. Got my names mixed up. I did mean Woodstock Gliders, not flying Ace.

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