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By Interstate485
Alrighty, ive got a season pass, but im trying to get a few friends of mine to go one weekend, but they dont live in the area, so buying a pass wouldnt make sense for them. Normal admission is what, $42.99? YIKES, whats the best method or discounts anyone knows of? I looked on ebay, theres a few single day passes, but nothing thats really saves you more than a few dollars, anybody got any ideas or happen to have any extra tix to sell? I would GREATLY appreciate it! ;)
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By MarkD
<a href='' target='_blank'></a>

Look at the 7 day advance section. About the cheapest your going to get.
By Interstate485
hey! Thanks! I didnt even know about the 7 day advance thing, that saves quite a bit. I appreciate that... :D
By Trev32
you could get that code from CoasterBruh and get the tickets for 19.99
By twistytie
Depending when you're friends are coming, you could use the Credit Union Admission stuff for only 19.99. That's for the first few weekends, and then I think some at the end of the season. Coasterbruh was talking about it in another thread not too long ago... Hope that helps!

Here! <a href='' target='_blank'></a>
By Interstate485
thanks alot! yeah, i just found the corporate code for it online! $19.99 for the next 2 weekends, thanks alot!!!!! :D :D
By BoRgAsSiMiLaToR
You can also go to blockbuster and buy tickets there for $13 less
By ChadLP02
The code doesn't work anymore!! :( I was trying to go this sunday with a friend but she's not going to be able to get the there anything I can do? reply asap
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By Jonathan
Are you by any chance an ACE member Chad?
By ChadLP02
Jonathan wrote: Are you by any chance an ACE member Chad?

nah man, I'm not...
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By montumax
Be sure and park at the outlets. That'll save on parking! B)
By ChadLP02
we got her ticket at blockbuster for 29.99. not bad. i have my employee pass so i got in free. :)
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By coasterbruh
Wheres doctor mole when you need her. Im sure she could have easily investigated it and talked to the tea cup kids and got you some kinda discount by wearing here medical jacket while releasing a red ballon on hurler. Now thats sure to get cha a discount!!
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By montumax
Doctor Mole is probably roadkill by now...

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