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By Carowinds44
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Take a look at those photos for a look at what I have going on in my park. Definitely open for suggestions. Not ready for download just yet but dont worry, soon.
By Carowindsman
cool another fellow roller coaster tycoon person but i got some thoughts here your North Gate is definetly not like the parks, RRR's layout is wrong, and lets see Top Guns Layout or the path layout around it is wrong but its ok, and drop zone is the wrong type of tower but overall you did a great job
By Carowinds44
With drop zone you either get the right tower or the right vehicles, so take your pick. lol.
By coasterdude89
You must have a lot of time on your hands, and a really good imagination to create this recretion of Carowinds. Do you have any more picks of the rest of the park? Would love to see them. Good job so far on doing this though. Keep up the good work!
By Carowindsman
but you could use a trainer but your park is pretty good still but just a few mess ups here and there
By carowindsfreak13
your doing petty well. You could make a few changes
By Carowindsman
i continued to look over your screens and RRR is the wrong color as well as the layout, and i dont know if noticed but on your Cyclone a part of the track is black so you need to repaint that thats all the that i can see right now just need more pics o and also your TG is Wrong the End layout is a Helix i dont know what you have got there
By Cephas
My only complaint is that the cyclone should be rotated 90 degrees. That would be the way it really is and it would still fit. I am very impressed and I think that is about as good of a recreation we are going to get untill rct lets you build stuff on diagonals.

This is the best of the 2 recreations.
By Carowindsman
o well thanx there cephas
By twistytie
Come on Carowindsman, don't get like that b/c someone else is making another Carowinds recreation. Just continue with what you're doing. If someone doesn't like one as much, big deal. If you work hard on it and do your best, then you should be proud of it, and not worry about what other people think. Carowindz44, keep up the good work, it looks nice. Some of your rides are turned a weird way, and you should try to get them to face the right way. Ricochet, CC, and the FX theater are doing this. It's not a HUGE deal though. It's coming along quite nicely, IMO.
By Trev32
good work, some rides could do seom redoing and turned other ways, but it's good so far.

i WOULD do one but i'm too lazy and impatient LOL!
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By Jonathan
^ Are you talking about Carowinds44's recreation? Those four rides look like they are correctly placed to me.
By twistytie
I think you were talking to me, with the four rides thing...right? I'll answer anyway. It's not that the rides are placed incorrectly, they're in the right spot, it's just the way they are turned. For example, to be "completely accurate" the Action FX theater should be turned 90 degress so the entrance is perpendicular to Top Gun, not facing it. CC should be turned so that it's lift hill is parallel to Huler's lift hill, and Ricochet could be turned so that it's lift is also parallel to Hurler's and CC's. It's not a big thing though, they all fit in with their areas in the recreation. It works, and we're just being nit-picky sticklers about this stuff, so it's not that big of a deal. Carowindz44 has nothing to worry about, he's doing an awesome job on the park! B)
By Carowindsman
o no i am j/k i dont care how others think of my park just hope that they like it and some of his rides are not even correct I.E. Top Gun and RRR
By carowindsfreak13
Well for me I just want the ride to be similar like the real one.

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