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By sammigirl8888
Hello, I have not been to Carowinds since I was in the 8th grade and I am now a Junior in college. I am very excited. I am going next Tuesday. Do you think it will be crowded? It's also supposed to be 99 degrees, do you think it will be bearable? I bought the souvenir cup and it says that it can be filled with Coca Cola products, can you also fill it up with water? Last question, where do you put your things when you get on rides? I have a fanny pack but I am sure it may be too bulky for some of the rides.

Thank you so much for your help.
By BelowThePeak
1. It shouldn't be too crowded since it's a weekday. It would be different if you were going on a Saturday, but a Tuesday should be a lot lighter (especially with temperatures near 100 degrees).

2. I guess that depends on how well you handle the heat. If it were me, I'm not sure I'd go to Carowinds at all with temperatures like that, but if I had to go, I'd probably head over there no earlier than 6:00 PM. Your heat tolerance might be higher than mine, though.

3. I don't have a souvenir cup, but I'm sure you'd be allowed to fill it up with water. Even if they somehow don't let you, though (I don't know why they wouldn't), you could fill it up in a water fountain. Also, on days that are really hot, free cups of water are offered at pretty much every restaurant in the park. So regardless, you'll be just fine.

4. You won't be allowed to take your belongings on the vast majority of rides in the park. Almost all of the rides have bins on the ride platform where you'd drop off your stuff before you board. The only exception to this (as far as coasters go) is Fury. Unless you're going to the park with at least one nonrider who can hold your stuff, you'll have to buy a locker before you get in line. The good thing, though, is that these lockers are very cheap. I wish they were free myself, but I guess this system gives the park a bit more revenue.

EDIT: Oh, and one more tip. Because of the temperatures, Whitewater Falls would be a great ride to do if you don't mind getting wet. It'll get you soaked, but it'll also cool you down a lot. However, a lot of parkgoers might have the same idea, so I guess you'll have to decide if it's worth it.
By TheCoasterMan1
I know you only had a few question that you wanted to be answered but with your last time going to Carowinds being the 8th grade and you are now a junior in college I thought it would be cool to give you a couple of tips especially since the park has changed a lot in the past 7-8 years:

1. Crowds at Carowinds have definitely increased over the years. Especially on the weekends. With the forecast calling for 100-degree heat then you probably won't face the crowds. I would still try to get to the park early in case you do run into crowds. Also, it's not as hot earlier in the day so get there when you can to enjoy some of the rides while the temperature is still down.

2. I usually go in a clockwise direction around the park. It seems like most people do. If you haven't ridden Nighthawk in a while I suggest you get on that first. It's a somewhat enjoyable way to start the day and since lines can get long even on weekdays, hit Nighthawk first.

3. I would consider continuing in a clockwise direction. Intimidator would be next. I'm assuming this will be your first time riding it. I personally prefer the back seat. With the train being very long it jerks you over the first drop and you get some really good airtime.

4. As you continue your clockwise walk around the park you will notice Harmony Hall. I consider this the best place to get food in the park.

5. Afterburn would be next up on the list. The front car is the only way to go. The new Plants vs. Zombies ride is near Afterburn. It's more of a family attraction but it's fun for all. By this time, the water park would have probably opened up. I don't know if you planned on going to it or not but if not the next ride on the list is Windseeker. Although these rides have received severe backlash I would recommend riding it. You get a good breeze and the view is nice. You may want to grab a snack at this point in your day.

6. Next up is Carolina Cobra or Whitewater falls. The next two sentences apply to both rides. They're not bad rides and if the line isn't long, take a ride. Whether you ride it or not you haven't missed much.

7. Goldrush is after, followed by Ricochet, and then the Carolina Cyclone. Lines for all three of these, with the exception of Ricochet, are usually short so you could probably get these in fairly quickly.

8. You are probably starting to get hungry and it's probably getting close to 2 P.M. Chickie's and Pete's would be the closest dining option but if you are not feeling subs and crab fries I would head over to Harmony Hall and get a bite.

9. After lunch, I usually leave Harmony Hall and head in a counter - clockwise direction around the park. Your first ride would be the rapids, but if you choose not to ride then vortex is up next.

10. After Vortex, you will begin making your way to the thrill zone section of the park. This is where you will find Fury 325. Hurler is also located there but you probably don't feel like getting beat up. I feel that any seat on Fury 325 is a great ride but my favorite is the front row, no doubt. I would take a ride or two on this and then explore what the rest of the park has to offer. The water park would still be open, and there are a variety of shows and smaller rides to enjoy as well.


I hope you enjoy your trip and I hope this post was of some benefit, even if it didn't really answer any of your questions.
By uscbandfan
Was there last Tuesday. NO line longer than 10 minutes or so (except Ricochet and NightHawk.) If you must ride Nighthawk, do it first. Otherwise, you'll spend a lot of time in line.

Got there before 10 and was done with the entire park before 4:00pm and that included seeing a show in Harmony Hall (which was pretty good by the way) and riding some things more than once.

That didn't include the water park though. We had to avoid that because of my daughter's sunburn. Bottom line is you should NOT have any trouble with lines on pretty much any of the rides on a Tuesday. Lines to some of the water slides in Carolina Harbor though?... now THAT would be another story.

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