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By srs3tn
My daughter and I are headed to the park today, arriving around Noon. Yes, we are going to roast in the heat!!
Any thoughts on whether we will need fast passes to get through all the rides? And what are some good places to eat? Is the all day dining deal good or not worth it? If we did decide to leave the park to eat elsewhere, do we have to pay for parking again to come back later?
Looking forward to our trip!! She has never been to Carowinds and I haven't been in probably 30 years!
By uscbandfan
Can't speak to the Fast Pass since I don't go on weekends and never need it on weekdays. I can say that you may leave the park and come back (make sure you get your hand stamped). Your parking receipt is good for the entire day. If you do decide to leave the park, there's a Wendy's, KFC, a Culvers in the old Shoney's (whatever that is) and a Cracker Barre right at the entrance to the parking lot and a McDonalds on the other side of the interstate... just FYI. We usually eat lunch at Chick Fil a in the park and do Cracker Barrel when we leave. Lunch is expensive as hell but, hey. It's Chick-fil-a.
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By pproteinc
I'd wait until I enter the park to see if a fast pass is needed, I highly doubt it due to the heat. Most of the crowd will probably be in the water park. The all day meal plan covers an entree and side no drink every 90 minutes. You get the most food out of it in the Harmony Hall eatery they have many choices to choose from. If not as said prior, there's a Wendys, Culvers, and Cracker Barrel right at the entrance and on the other side of the insterstate (turn left out of the parking lot) there's Mcdonalds, Zaxby's and Bojangles. If you make a right out the parking lot and drive all the way down to S. Tryon there's a Jack N the Box and Cici's Pizza Buffet in the shopping plaza. If you leave, your parking receipt is good for the whole day just show it at the toll booth and make sure you get your hand stamped as you walk out the park.
By srs3tn
Thanks for the advice. We totally did not need the fast passes. No wait was more than 5 minutes. We left for dinner and came back to ride at night. We had a great time!!

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