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By tarheel1231
At first glance, this may seem a little early. But several parks have been rumored to receive new attractions. The two big ones in the UK are Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Alton Towers is getting SW8, a new wooden rollercoaster. http://www.towerstimes.co.uk/blog/2016/ ... -weapon-8/

Blackpool is getting the more interesting project, a new Mack Launched coaster similar to Helix. http://i.imgur.com/fP6YEm3.jpg

Stateside, Silver Dollar City is planning a new coaster. It will likely be manufactured by Mack Rides. They've released three concepts for the theme: time traveling, cave-mining, and a rodeo. I believe the first and third concepts would be Mack Spinning Coasters, and the second one would be similar to Lost Gravity at Walibi Holland.

Kennywood is also rumored to getting a new coaster running down a hillside according to Screamscape:

New Coaster - (8/15/16) I'm not sure how good this rumor is, but according to one reader Kennywood is seeking planning permission to run a coaster down the hill and into the new land they purchased a couple of years ago, where it might run through an existing structure. The existing structure would likely be the old train repair station building that is down the hill behind the Log Jammer and Racer. I wouldn’t expect this for 2017, this could be pre-planning for a year or two later.

I think a nice RMC wooden or a B&M invert would utilize that terrain pretty well. A Mack launch would be perfect, but the park already has Skyrocket. Then again, Liseberg and Blackpool both had launched coasters. So we'll see....

[EDIT] I forgot about Tayto Park! They're getting.... something... http://www.newstalk.com/How-big-could-Tayto-Park-be

To put that in perspective, €17.5 million is worth about $20 million. So it should be a pretty sizeable addition.
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Sorry for the double post, but Screamscape posted this:
2018 - New Coaster - Rumor - (8/25/16) So while many were disappointed by the announcement of a Planet Snoopy expansion in 2017, there is one upside to this news. Typically when a park spends very little on new capital in one year, they are saving up to spend quite a bit more the following year on a major new project, such as a giant roller coaster. With that in mind, what could be coming to Kings Dominion in 2018?
The rumor mill is already busy whispering the rumors, with the main concept said to be in development right now possibly being B&M's first Launched Flying Coaster. This would also be the first B&M coaster developed directly for Kings Dominion as well as Busch Gardens Williamsburg always seemed to get them first in the past, but they haven't bought a B&M since Griffon back in 2007. Oh, and don't count Dominator... it was built for Six Flags Ohio and moved to KD when that park closed.
So with BGW not having purchased a new coaster from B&M in 10 years it looks like any exclusivity contract for the local market that they might have had will come to an end in time for KD to get a B&M in 2018. Now I'm not sure how well a launch might feel on a Flying coaster, but I'm curious to see how it works out if the rumor holds true.

I don't know how true this is. Kings Dominion has been "rumored" to get a new coaster just about every year. But a flying coaster would fit into their collection nicely, and it would make a hell of an entrance statement.
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By gabed
According to Screamscape several years ago, Kings Dominion was rumored to get a wing coaster next year and look what happened. This rumor also seems to have very little behind it so I'm not going to get excited for anything quite yet.
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By Jarsh
I don't think KD will get a front entrance coaster, at least for quite a while. Dominator kinda screwed that up for them location wise and now there really isn't any logical place to add a new coaster and get it to the front gate. Yeah, you could say that they could tear down their action theater and add a 200' coaster there and run it out over the maintenance/admin areas but that's not exactly the first drop image I'd want everyone to see.
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