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By IntimidationNation
Is it too early to get a SCarowinds 2017 thread going? What's y'all's predictions? What do y'all think will be replaced/new?
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By BS1983CLT
Let's hope there will be a new haunt this year... We need at least 7-8 houses....

I don't see county fair having a scare zone this year....
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By IntimidationNation
Isn't it about time Defex gets an overhaul/new theme? I think it's the oldest haunt at the park along with silver scream. But didn't they already overhaul silver scream a couple years ago, and I hope they bring back a clown themed maze (clowns are my favorite scare theme)
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By pproteinc
I personally think the clown scare zone will be moved to the new county fair section while Dark Harvest will be on the only maze back in that corner with PvZ. If this is the case then I'm going to lean towards Bloodyard or the vampires going back to the arbor tunnel. As for Defex it is the oldest maze and I've heard "allegedly" is being debunked for something new or being rethemed.
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By coasterbruh
My predictions . . . same as ever.
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By gabed
I'm still waiting on a Fury themed maze where it's nothing but bees.
By lingerdog
Found this little tidbit on a the York County zoning application.

It's a development project, and something is being done to the Defex maze.
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By pproteinc
Not from what I've heard. It moreso is an issue with the building itself. It floods very badly when it rains. "Allegedly"
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By cadi40
Has anyone other then me seen what looks to be the front of a haunt near Plants V.S. Zombies? I forget if it was there in 2016 or not.
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By IntimidationNation
Last time I went to the park, which was about 2 weeks ago, I did notice a lot of panels and prop doors sitting in a stack outside of Defex but the entrance sign was still in place.
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