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By Wood Coaster
Created a new Topic for Anything Food related at Carowinds for the 2018.

Dining Plans, New Foods to Try, Your Favorites, Questions.....

Great Carolina Fest.... WinterFest Foods

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By Carocats
The funnel cakes are not included this year. If you want the dining plan options they have a brochure for that in guest services and it's just the normal entree and side options.
By Justin
Wood Coaster wrote:Last year (2017) the Funnel Cakes were on the Dining Plans..... But only at County Fair.

Anyone know if they are on the Dining Plans this year?
If so.... Just at the County Fair?

What what?!?! Seriously? If only I known! I'd smash a funnel cake for dinner. Being an adult is fun!
By Wood Coaster
Bourbon Peach Pie Looks Good.

Can't wait for Great Carolina Fest
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By Chris
Edwardo wrote:Do we really need a new topic every year?

Nope, not in my opinion. This forum doesn't see enough traffic to justify it. I think a normal Food thread that gets continued every year should suffice.
By Wood Coaster
Ok..... Is this any good?
Never heard of a corn layered w/ pimento cheese.

Stop drooling on the screen and come try our roasted corn layered with pimiento cheese at 2018 Great Carolina Fest June 9-24.... Carowinds.
By Wood Coaster
Does anyone know if the "2018 Great Carolina Fest" is going to run during the Weekdays.

In 2016.... If I remember right it was just a Weekend thing (not sure if Friday was included in that).
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By cwgator
Reading what it says online, it reads as from June 9th to the 24th:
Kick off summer with a Carolina-style celebration for the whole family at the all-new Great Carolina Fest, from June 9th through the 24th.

Also if you check the park's Facebook page under events, every day during those dates is listed from 12-9pm. When you click the +13 (circled in red) it shows this.
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By Koallinbear
Being new to the Dining plan this year, can anyone lend me some pointers on the best meals found in the park?
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By carolinaman
Wood Coaster wrote:Does anyone know if the "2018 Great Carolina Fest" is going to run during the Weekdays.

In 2016.... If I remember right it was just a Weekend thing (not sure if Friday was included in that).

I talked to Chef Chris the other day and he said it will be 16 days straight. There will be 6 samples for 25 dollars and then most everything else will be meals on the dining plan, some of the things are Frog Legs and Fries and Pimento Cheese Burger.
By Wood Coaster

As far as the best meals depends on your taste....

Chickie’s & Pete’s has the Best Fries (comes with the choice of steak or chicken sandwich...... Harbor House Shrimp is good.... Most meals at Harmony Hall are really good...... Never tried the Pizza or the Burrito Cafe (any one with reviews on these two?)

Below is what is the meals that are offered at each location.

2018 Carowinds Dining Plans

Beach Bites (Located in Carolina Harbor)
– Personal Cheese Pizza Basket
– Personal Pepperoni Pizza Basket
– Jumbo Hot Dog Basket
– Carolina Slaw Dog Basket

Camp Cookout (Located in Camp Snoopy)
– Chicken Tenders Basket
– Cheeseburger Basket
– Hotdog Basket

Carowinds Burrito Cafe
– Burrito Basket (Review)
– Burrito Bowl (Review)
– Burrito Salad (Review)

– Chick-Fil-A Sandwich Basket
– Spicy Chick-Fil-A Sandwich Basket
– 8 Piece Chicken Nugget Basket

Chickie’s & Pete’s
– Cheese Steak Basket
– Chicken Cheese Steak Basket

County Fair Fries (Located at the Carolina Boardwalk)
– Jumbo Hotdog Basket
– Jumbo Corndog Basket (Review)

Harbor House (Located in Carolina Harbor)
– Chicken wing basket
– Hand breaded chicken tender basket
– Turkey leg basket
– Fried fish basket
– Fried shrimp basket
– Pulled pork sandwich basket

Harmony Hall (Located near Planet Snoopy)
– Choice of Pizza Basket (Review)
– Baked Lasagna Basket
– Meatball Boule Basket
– BBQ Ribs Basket
– Beef Brisket Basket (Review)
– Pulled Pork Sandwich Basket (Review)
– Chicken Wing Basket
– Turkey Leg Basket (Review)
– Cheese Quesadilla Basket
– Chicken Quesadilla Basket
– Beef Quesadilla Basket
– Grilled Steakburger Basket
– Hand Breaded Chicken Tender Basket (Review)
– Jumbo Hotdog Basket
– Turkey Burger Basket
– Veggie Burger Basket
– Entree Salads (no side)

Jukebox Diner (Located in The Thrill Zone)
– Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders Basket (Review)
– Fury 325 Cheeseburger Basket (Review)
– Cheeseburger Basket
– Patty Melt Basket (Review)

Panda Express
– Asian Entree Basket

Papa Luigi’s (Located at the Carolina Showplace)
– Pizza Basket (Review)
– Italian Sub Basket
– Chicken Parmesan Basket

Sharkey’s (Located in Carolina Harbor)
– Chicken Tender Basket (Review)
– Cheeseburger Basket
– Jumbo Hot Dog Basket
– Chicken Sandwich Basket
– Sloppy Joe Burger

Wings Burgers & Fries (Located in Carolina RFD)
– 2 Pizza Slices Basket
– Chicken Sandwich Basket
– Cheeseburger Basket
– Chicken Tenders Basket
– Smokehouse Brisket Bacon Burger Basket
– Chicken Wings Basket
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By Koallinbear
Thanks for the info - I’ve had the Cheese quesadilla from HH and a couple of Burritos. Chick-Fil-a and Panda are always a must but I see now i’ve got plenty of options to try out.

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