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Putting all financial reasons aside, I'll give my opinion on why they didn't take the KC property at this point: its history. CF doesn't want to take control of the park.... yet.

They'll change the names of the Texas parks, then wait for KC to "permanently close" (my guess: official notification in Feb or Mar of 2020). They'll exercise that option, purchase it, then keep it closed through the 2020 year while they re-brand and repair the park. Open it 2021 under a new name (the same they'll change the Texas parks to).
I don't think they're gonna rebrand the Texas parks, even with the incidents. Schlitterbahn is still a popular brand in Texas, and they didn't see a decrease in attendance like the KC property did. Especially the New Braunfels location, which is the 5th most attended water park on the continent with the added benefit of more revenue from its resort.
coasterbruh wrote:
Edwardo wrote:Only if it’s up charge. Do you know how low capacity that is?! ;-P

Can't be lower than ver-duck!

Hell, i'll "settle" :lol: for this . . .

Y’all are thinking too big. If they end up Geauga Lake-ing the KC park, I’d gladly take this:


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