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By Edwardo
So now we know all but Valleyfair, and we get our confirmation on KI tonite.

Looks like they’re doubling down on water parks, yay. And family flats, of course.

But where were all the kids guaranteeing that the entire chain would celebrate CP’s 150th, and CP would be adding something massive?


I think what KBF and CP are doing for their centennial and 150th are good ideas.

Wonder if VF is getting done love...

By Edwardo
Both leviathan and fury are taller and longer.

Thus far I’ve ridden all but two coasters over 300’. I’ve not ridden Red Force or the Australian Tower Of Terror.

I can say without bias that Fury wins hands down. I doubt this will change that.
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By cwgator
This is the "shortest giga" at 287 feet tall (300 ft drop).
I have seen so much disappointment...lol
I've also seen fanboys saying it will be better than Fury 325 (delusional).
I've even seen people state an even bigger coaster is coming (where'd they hear that, lol).
Even still, it will still be a good ride. I see the love and hate for it from all sides.

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By tarheel1231
A giga coaster is still a giga coaster, and I'm glad to see another one built. The first two elements look like they should provide a good amount of sideways airtime, which is followed up by what's essentially Leviathan's first half, a helix, and another sideways airtime hill. There's not a lot, but what is there seems pretty good, so I still think it will make a fair amount of top ten lists.
By mark40511
I watched the annoucement last night. Said this makes the 7th Giga? I thought it was the sixth.....Red Force isn't even the same type of coaster, but I guess it's considered a giga.
By Edwardo
Giga is any coaster with a lift height or drop of 300’. Red Force is a Giga, along with Tower Of Terror in Australia.

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