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JWitter wrote:They have an entire page dedicated to the park and list several rides


It also wouldn't be the first SF park to be announced with rides and everything for that region either. The Dubai park was shelved once...and recently canceled for the 2nd time recently. When it actually gets built and opens I might get excited. Not that I would likely every go there though.
Chris wrote:
yawetag wrote:That coaster will never be built. It would need to be over 800 feet tall just to reach 156mph.

Or it could just launch, no?

As I posted somewhere else:

Using an online calculator I found (https://www.omnicalculator.com/physics/free-fall), you'd need that launch to be 97mph to reach 156mph on a 500-foot drop. Assuming the "500 foot plus" is 599 feet, you'll still need to be going 80mph at the top.

And that's all free-fall; no friction or wind.

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