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I recently drove by carowinds and the Springfield suites and on my way out I was shocked to find that there were multiple sections of trains that seemed to be relocated from FireHawk at KI. This would make sense becauseFireHawk closed down less than 2 years ago and nighthawk is the exact same coaster model as FireHawk was! This could do wonders as far as smoothness on nighthawk and we might even have a good experience now!
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By FamousAmos
From what I’m aware, those are the second generation Flying Dutchman trains. Not sure if they are gonna he used as a whole or just used as parts.
By CCookieMonster
I really hope so. The ride really would be a great experience if it was smoother. It'll always be popular with the GP though. They always find it unique, which it is, but they don't really seem to care nearly as much about these things like we do.
By Snowman
Last season an employee admitted to me those were in fact Firehawk trains. As a 6 year former KI season pass holder, I knew them well.
I was told the engineers weren't sure the tracks would seemlessly match up with the trains and they might end up being used as parts. They would definitely help.
Firehawk was MUCH smoother than Nighthawk is!
By Snowman
I wish they were able to integrate Firehawk's dual loading station to Nighthawk. Hanging upside down in the sun waiting for the next train to load can get miserable.
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By TheBoss01
This was a picture I took the day the trains from Firehawk arrived, September 1st 2019. Excuse the poor camera quality, it was taken from an Iphone 6 :yawn: . This was before the vortex trains (Kings Island) arrived at the park.

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