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By coasterfreak
Happy New Years Eve Everyone! I can't believe that today's the last day. Thank you Jonathan and everyone else who's made this site possible over the past fifteen years. Without this site, my love for coasters and the community probably wouldn't have existed to the capacity that it has.

Though this site may not exist in the coming year, I know my memories of it will remain forever. I've genuinely appreciated having this safe space to share trip reports and (more times than not) outlandish speculation. Though I live 4.5 hours from the park now, I still plan to carry my memories of not just CC but also the park itself onto my two year old son. I can't wait to watch him grow to love it all like I have.

Hope to still see you all in the park at some point; it definitely seems like I run into at least someone from here each time I'm there.

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