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By coasterdude89
Just wanted to say happy birthday to Trev and Angetup! Hope both of yall have great birthdays! And I want to welcome the newest member of Carowinds Connection, TheDanca.
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By coasterbruh
Im usually the one up on the b-days but its been crazy around here (my life he he he) anyway happy b days people and who the he.....heck is Angetup!?!
By coasterdude89
coasterbruh wrote: who the he.....heck is Angetup!?!

I don't know, I've never seen any post by that person, any their porfile said that she hasn't made any post. I wonder if she still comes here? Oh, well, guess I'll find out because I PM'd her wishing her happy birthday. i have yet to recieve a response. I normally don't have a lot of time to come here during the week becuase I'm so busy, but, weekends are so boring around here lately. Especially since yesterday was a teacher workday and it was raining. I was planning to go my schools football game, but it got cancelled and moved to Monday.
By Trev32
WOW i never thought a topic would get started for my b-day!! anyway thanks guys! :)
By coasterdude89
Just wanted to say happy birthday to Forseer. Happy 43rd B-day!!! Hope its a good one!
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By coasterbruh
Soo...Is this the official B day thread lol lol.......

Im sure im worth a seperate thread :rolleyes:

Happy b day forseer you dont look a day over 56!! :P
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By coasterbruh
just wanted to officially say happy b day to cephas!!
By Trev32
Happy b-day cephas!!

BTW, where'd the name cephas come from?? lol
By Cephas
Look it up...I think its like John 1:42.

Thanks everybody!

Anyways, this was like the worst B-day ever because I had to spend it at a chess tournament (9AM-7PM). On top of that, I didn't do well because I only won 1 game out of 3.
By coastermom2
Happy Birthday!
I understand about the chess tourny. I about went crazy when my
daughter went to one. (I was kinda glad when she quit) It's wonderful
to be good at chess, though. Keep it up.
By carowindsfreak13
Happy- bday to all this december.
By coasterdude89
Yep. Happy belated b-day!
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