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By Mforcebob
Hello everybody, I am new here and I will be making my first vist to the park sometime in late july, probaly on a weekday. I was wonder what can I expect from the park, both in park operations, rides and any other info that you might think that will be helpfull. I am a coaster junkie from Ohio, and I love PKI. So if you wouldn't mind responding back with some general info I would really appericate it. Thank you for your time and help.
By Cephas
Well your old flyers are awesome...
By coastermom2
Get there early! So you can get a good parking space and
can be first in line when they start letting people into the park.
Then head for the Borg Assimilator. The lines for it can get rather
long and you'll definitely want to experience it. Then over to the
Nick Central area for a spin on the Flyers.
If you're only able to visit the park for 1 day, go to the park's
website to select which attractions are a
must-see for your family or group and plan your day around them.
By Carowindsman
Coastermom you forgot the biggest attraction for carowinds you have to check out TOP GUN The Jet Coaster: 62+ mph and 6 mind numbing inversions.
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By bgwfreak
Well first off, if you go during the week you should have no problems.

Saturday is really the only busy day at Carowinds.

It's hard to tell how Borg will be running then, if it's running I'd say hit it first to get that out of the way as it's usually the longest line.

Most everything else except for the flyers and other low-capacity rides will be walk ons.

Last year was the biggest attendance year ever for PC (over 2MM for the first time) and it still wasn't that bad.

If I go on Saturday I just get there early and ride everything before the crowds come in.

There's a lot of fast food at the Carowidns exit, so you can save a lot of money that way on food.

I wouldn't recommend any of the hotels at the Carowinds exit. They all look a little trashy IMO.

There's some nice ones at I-485 and Hwy 51 (2 exits East of I-77 on I-485) and that area has a lot of shopping and restaurants too.

And as someone already said, the flyers are running great! You'll be pleasently surprised that we didn't ruin them lol!!! Enjoy. :D

I'll be heading up to PKI around June 1.

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