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They finally cut on the lights for Electro-spin on. Can someone please post a few pictures or even a video of what the different County Fair rides look like at night? I'm finally going for the 1st time this year in 2 weeks and I want to see how electro-spin looks like before I go, especially since they moved the webcam to Carolina Harbor (even though I personally think the County Fair is a more interesting place to watch through the webcam).
Nice to see the webcam back on County Fair...and the addition of more string lights. I think someone mentioned they had added them finally, but this is the first I've seen them on.
That's like double the amount of strings lights! The whole area looks really bright now.
I took these photos around park closing today. It was mostly dead in the park. Too bad it wasn't darker outside. Maybe Friday I can get some better nighttime pictures.

Looks like not all of the exterior lights are working yet.

All of the string lights look like they are in place now.
Can't wait to see it when it's completely dark outside.
tarheel1231 wrote:Sounds like the Breakdance is headed somewhere else.

Very excited! :D

I was sent this photo today from a friend in Australia and thought it was interesting enough to share here. This is the ride that was planned to appear in the new County Fair section in 2016. Details on the lower right of photo.
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