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By Techedchart1551
tarheel1231 wrote:Keeping in line with bringing immersive family experiences to Carowinds, here's my idea for how to incorporate Crossroads into Blue Ridge Junction:

Blue Ridge Junction Pt 2.png

The area itself would be somewhat of a combination of Grizzly Peak Airfield (DCA) and Wilderness Pass (Dollywood). The games would be removed, new landscaping with hills and trees would take place of Southern Star, and a firetower would be the land centerpiece.



PvZ can go, I somewhat enjoy it but I'm not really attached to it. In its place, a flying theater attraction from Dynamic Attractions (or Triotech) would take its place. It would be similar to Wings over Washington in Seattle. The facade of the building would be repainted similar to this:


With the size of the vehicle, the queue could easily be moved inside of the building. They could even potentially fit two theaters. The queue would be themed with wildlife animatronics such as black bears, bobcats, and hawks, and the ride would fly from the mountains to the coast and back.


An antique autos attractions would replace Yo-Yo and take over the outdoor queue line for PvZ. The ride would be surrouned by scenery (trees, boulders, waterfalls), and it would go under Afterburn's drop via a tunnel shaped like this:


I'm not really sure what I would do with Dod'gems. It doesn't really fit with the area, but it doesn't take away from the theme either. Maybe just give it a facade update.

My thoughts: I think that the area near afterburn is a great idea. the blue ridge parkway and flying theatre would be fantastic at carowinds! The pirate island thing though... since they might be removing RRR i don't know if it'd make sense.
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By yawetag
I had a dream that Thunder Road returned, with both sides. One of the sides was the original design, but the second side was RMCed, twisting and turning around the original side.
By uscbandfan
... and then there's the fact that the PvZ area has been stated to be OUTSIDE the bounds of Blue Ridge Junction and still under Country Crossroads. (However, I'm good with combining the whole area.)
By Techedchart1551
yawetag wrote:I had a dream that Thunder Road returned, with both sides. One of the sides was the original design, but the second side was RMCed, twisting and turning around the original side.

As cool as that would be, i could see how one side would be less popular over time. Everyone would flock to the RMC side, while older carowinds goers and people looking for a short line would go to the all wood side. That is a great concept though!
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By yawetag
Also, people who don't like upside-down would hit the original side.

I think the RMC side would be a longer line, but the original side would still see a very steady line. You could even bring back the "White Lightning" name and have Thunder Road / White Lightning as two distinct, but intertwined, rides.
By Techedchart1551
to go along with that we could bring an "old carowinds" area into the park, in that back area. I like the way you think.
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By coasterbruh
I say leave the past in the past. Embrace what makes carowinds unique and adhere to the carolina culture but don't try to stay stuck in the past and create and "old carowinds" area.
By Coasterphreak
I'd really like to see Drop Zone replaced with something in the 300' range, although I'm aware it's about as likely as the Browns winning the Super Bowl.
By RollerBee
Coasterphreak wrote:I'd really like to see Drop Zone replaced with something in the 300' range, although I'm aware it's about as likely as the Browns winning the Super Bowl.

Having rode Power Tower at Cedar Point(space shot and turbo drop), I don’t see the point of that.
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By tarheel1231
I can't remember who suggested this idea, but here is how I'd like to see Boo Blasters eventually rethemed:


Granny's made a surplus of jam this month, but she can't find anyone else to buy it! Hoping to turn a profit this month, Granny Byrd has turned her mansion into a shooting gallery featuring her jam, and she's invited you to try it out! Hop in a two-person buggy to test your skills, and win the title of sharpshooter in this one-of-a-kind interactive attraction!


Sally Corp would come back in and replace most of the cardboard cutouts with physical sets. The majority of the ride would look like the inside of the showbuilding from Copperhead Strike:


The jar exploding effect would be achieve by projection mapping, meaning that the cost of maintenance would go down as most of the effects in the ride would be media-based.

Now ideally, the current vehicles would get replaced with an omni-mover style system to increase capacity (Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin), but I don't know if Cedar Fair has that kind of money (though I have no idea how much it would cost). However, if the park decided to go with this ride system, it'd give the park another high capacity attraction that's also indoors. It would be a people-eater for sure.
By Techedchart1551
ok, that idea's pretty awesome, and an omni-mover system would be fantastic, because it'd almost never stop moving! and like the previously mentioned buzz lightyear's space rangers spin attraction, you could have the rider spin the cart to shoot the targets!
By Techedchart1551
my only problem is, it wouldn't fit in because boo blasters is in crossroads, not BRJ. I like the idea, but we'd need to put it closer to copperhead strike, or possibly redo that whole area to look like Granny's Farm.
By BelowThePeak
Or you could just make Blue Ridge Junction bigger. As it is, it's a pretty small area. The entire "Crossroads" section of the park is really due for a retheme, anyway.
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By coasterbruh
I wouldn't mind seeing a low country/Gullah section added to the park. I picture it as a swampish, area with water which is what the other areas are lacking. I would have a splash battle style attraction as it is family friendly and I would even add a family style coaster. Of course the food offering would be something like brunswick stew, chicken bog, and shrimp and grits. I would obviously place it in the rapids spot since it is has good vegetation and if they redo the rest of the front plaza like the starbucks (which gives me a low country feel) it would all fit well, to me.
By Techedchart1551
That would go in the RRR section if it will be removed. That area represents a lot of lush greenery like the lowcountry. however, i don't think Gullah will be represented entirely. While you could add things like art and music, I don't want racist/confederate themes to pop up among parkgoers.
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