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By Cephas
:o Ya talkin to the guy with Millenium Force on his Avatar.
By Trev32
CarowindsZone wrote: Why does Carowinds need a big coaster, it would only take up space. Intamin coasters are over-rated.

yeah right.look at mulenium force and dragster.are they over rated? NO!
By CarowindsZone
Thoose are the ones I am refering too, and Wicked Twister.
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By montumax
I think MF is entirely overrated. I rode it one time and had no desire to go back on it again. Give me SROS or Apollo any day over MF.

I really have no desire to go on TTD either.

By Cephas
What drug were you on? lol
By CarowindsZone
It appears the same one I am on. I never rode neither one of them, but I do know that six overbanks, two flat turns, and only three good airtime hills(maybe not that many) on a non-looping coaster isn't good. That is my opinion on the force. TTD also over-rated, it is too short and only has one drop. It is a disgrace to the word rollercoaster.
By Cephas
I visited Cedar Point before TTH was built and for MF, everyone is intitled to their own opinion. <_<

If you guys think that B&M and Intimin are overrated, who's good?
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By MarkD
A bit off the Topic aren't we? Let's get back in line.

Rides I think Carowinds should get:
1- A water/log flume like Duddly Dooright
2- An indoor Adventure ride like Spiderman, MGM's Great Movie ride, etc...
3- Huss Top Spin, Dellerium or a version of it.
4- Totally new water park
5- A major adult Dark ride
6- Live action theater
7- Swings
8- Launched Coaster (any type would do )
9- Carolina on Ice in the theater
10- Nascar simulation (could be a 4D show like Back to the Future, altho it is not a 4D show )
By Trev32
i wish i was able to go to Cedar point(i hate being too young to drive,then i'd be at cedar poitn and every other park i can think of!)and how do you NOT wanna go on TTD?

i thik they should get a hyper/giga/strata coaster because top gun and the other coasters get boring after a while.
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By coasterbruh
And just like those others get boring after sure the hyper/giga/strata would do the same.......its karma

must not forget this isnt an exclusive adult forum
By Cephas
I will never get tired of Top Gun, I've ridden it over 200 times!
By Trev32
holy crap!! i've only ridden it three times!(i would have ridden it four but first both trains got stuck one on the lift and one in the brakes.and i was waiting for about 20-30 min,then they said it was gonna be the last ride of the day when a lotta ppl were still in line so me and my sis left the line)
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By Jonathan
501 here. Bling Bling. ;)
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By ThrillSeeker
Personaly i dont understand why everyone wants a new wooden coaster they have 2 allready that is good enough if they built another one they may as well call the park mindgranewinds.
By Trev32
cause wooden IMO are like the best coasters you can find,on them there is actually airtime,i really like the decapitation effect,they're really cool if there like Ghost rider at KBF(knott's berry farm)so they can't go 120 mph SO WHAT?!?they're really good coasters.

OMG you've ridden top gun 501 times???that's ridiculous(at least nobody has ridden it like 4,000 times(it's possible,most coaster go around the track at least 4,000 times every 4-5 months)

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